Panel fences offered by our company are reliable, affordable and durable. These types of fences do not require special maintenance and are easy to install. Our panel fences have the power of incorporating elements that obscure prying eyes and thus provide you with enough privacy. The supporting pillars of panel fences have different dimensions and visual forms. Fences are installed in point foundations or screwed to various solid bases such as concrete. The panels can also be adapted to sloped terrain, which we take care of with panels that are made at an angle.

Panel fences, while offering an excellent aesthetic appearance, also provide security for a wide variety of facilities against unwanted intrusions. They also offer a long lifespan and are not demanding when it comes to maintenance, which is why they are also an excellent choice from a price point of view. Panel fences also work well in the event of damage, as a damaged panel can simply be replaced with a new one.

3D ograja

Offer of 3D panel fences

Since panel fences do not require special transverse or diagonal supports as well as tension columns, they are the optimal solution for quick installation. An attractive appearance, which on top of that looks robust, complements the already recognizable strength of this type of fence. At the same time, they are also indispensable due to their durability and durability, which is why many of our lands are fenced with them. Our offer includes beautiful 3D panel fences. They differ from ordinary or classic 2D panel fences mainly by the protrusions of reinforcements or steel wires, aesthetics and visual perfection, which makes them admired for years and years.

Panel or wire fences 3D are the most common choice of our customers

In the range of panel fences on the market, our customers most often choose 3D panel fences. At Muren, we have therefore specialized both in the offer we provide and in the installation of 3D panel fences. The so-called three-dimensional fences, embodied by transverse reinforcements in the shape of the letter V, represent the most common solution for our customers. This kind of selection is not too surprising. They are reliable and durable, affordable, beautiful and modern and practically maintenance-free. If you want even more privacy, you can easily add strips or wooden slats that prevent views.

Panelna ograja

Panel fence 3D

The 3D panel fence is intended for the fencing of residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, playgrounds, gardens, schools and kindergartens. All fence elements are steel, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated. Standard colors: green RAL6005, anthracite RAL7016 and white. Installation is easy, as we do not need supports and corner posts. The panels from our offer are made of 5 mm horizontal and vertical wires or 4 mm horizontal and vertical wires, which are attached to the posts. The usual length of the panel is 2500 mm, and the standard heights are 1030, 1230, 1530 and 2030 mm. The mentioned dimensions of 3D panel fences are always in stock, but it is also possible to order other dimensions to order. Read more …

Panel fence references by Muren

Vabljeni k ogledu naših referenc v katerih vam predstavljamo 3D panelne ograje. Vse ograje si lahko tudi po predhodnem dogovoru ogledate na terenu. V kolikor bo mogoče vas bomo spremljali pri ogledu, se vmes pogovorili in vam brezplačno svetovali. Oglejte si naše reference in se prepričajte v kakovost panelnih ograj Muren.